Why Elope?

As my first BLOG what better way than to share my current gallery obsession. On Monday 8/9/2021, I was honored to capture Bridgette and Parker's beautiful day. Bridgette found me on Thumbtack and I believe we instantly connected.

I arrived and immediately knew it was going to be magical, the sun was shining, the energy of the space was special and just the overall view of it all made it mesmerizing.

I saw Bridgette getting out of her car, she seemed to have the jitters, I MEAN HOW CAN you not when it's your special day!!! We said Hello, I reminded her to breathe and I proceeded to give her space.

I walked up to meet Parker and he immediately offered a hug, which was absolutely SWEET!

We proceeded to rehearse what the plan was quickly and then... we got into place because Bridgette was coming up... The look in Parker's face when he saw her walk up was soooo full of love. In my mind, I couldn't help but think this is IT, they are it for each other.

The ceremony was so special and intimate, their vows so personal and magical. This day was PURE MAGIC. It ended and we went down to just LITERALLY enjoy their day, celebrate their union and just be ONE!

I was so at ease with capturing their essence and just going with their flow, we did poses but those poses were so natural because they were able to just be with themselves, not worry about the food being cold, not wearing the "proper shoes" maybe getting their outfits dirty, IT WAS ALL ABOUT THEM... Seriously perfection.

If you are a couple hesitating to elope serious DON'T ... Do it, you won't regret it... Share that beautiful special moment with your one. If you want to celebrate with family YOU ABSOLUTELY can another time too, eloping doesn't stop you from celebrating your love.

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